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Here are some of SUNTECH’s solutions that will change your future.
Portable CCTV
Meet SUNTECH Smart Bodycam
that can quickly respond to
changes in manufacturing paradigms.
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Portable CCTV

Smart CCTV
Introducing SUNTECH Smart CCTV
Try it if you want to obtain
new business value with Smart CCTV!
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Smart CCTV

IoT Platform
Try the SUNTECH IoT Platform
if you want to apply
IoT service to various industries.
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IoT Platform

Ultra-wideband System
Discover Ultra-wideband Solution
that leads the realization of
accident-free, disaster-free workplaces.
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Ultra-wideband System

News Room

This is to inform various articles about SUNTECH quickly and accurately.

Customer Service

SUNTECH is doing its best today so that customers can succeed through technology and innovation.


News of SUNTECH and about new solutions. Shortcut

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Here are some questions frequently asked by customers. Shortcut

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Information on collection and use of personal information

A. Collecting Items: Name, e-mail, telephone number and mobile phone number
B. Purpose of collection:
- Name: Used for the identification procedure to use the service
- E-mail, telephone number and mobile phone number: To secure a smooth communication channel for notice delivery, conformation of one’s intention and complaints handling

C. Period of retention and use: Three years
※ The above personal information collecting items is the minimum information to receive a consultation request and provide service. If you don’t consent to the collection of personal information, we cannot receive your consultation request and provide service.