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Company Introduction

Company Introduction


a company that provides differentiated values by actively responding to technological progresses and market changes. We are solving problems in industrial fields and society by developing and servicing various HWㆍSWㆍFW professionally and specializing in IT/trade/technology convergence.

We have always strived since our foundation to practice the simple truth that developing together with customers is a true reward. Furthermore, we will move forward to a bigger world without being satisfied with the present using technological development, constant research and aggressive marketing for the global area through technical prowess and potential.

We promise that all of our customers, stockholders and employees can lead happy, rich lives ultimately based on technology capabilities and broad business networks built up over the past 20 years.
CEO Han Byong Sam  

Company Overview

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Company Name SUNTECH CO., LTD.
CEO Byeong-sam Han
Date of Foundation October 01, 2013
Main Contact Number +82 054-457-3567
Address 144, Haemarugongwong-ro, Sandong-eup, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk (Sindang-ri 1302-1) Republic of Korea
Main Fields IoT business, Electric and electronic business, Engineering service, etc.
Main Customers POSCO ICT, SK Engineering and Construction, Bando Engineering and Construction, Wookyung Construction, etc.

Organization Chart

Business Areas

Web solutions/programs development
Cloud services, industrial safety platforms, applications

SUNTECH CO., LTD. raises success rates by composing professional human resources required for developing web programs and provide solutions for user requirements including security, service and usability.
We currently have the industrial safety integrated IoT platform which is composed of the platform that can do integrated monitoring and the platform that can be used independently.
It can be applied to various environments besides industrial environment and a new customized platform can be also developed for a client’s requirements.
We provide the best quality and maintenance service with after-sales service.
Planning, Design, DB, Server
IoT Industry

Design Business
Product design, App design, UWB build system

Build 3D Modeling, Program UX/UI, Device 3D Modeling SUNTECH CO., LTD., which is composed of industrial designers, engineers and product planning experts, provides the best devices and the best designs that contain lifestyles of various products, user convenience and clients’ visions.
We plan convenient design with a clear purpose based on experienced know-how in planning, developing and manufacturing our main products, IoT devices and integrated control solution programs.
Build 3D Modeling, Program UX/UI, Device 3D Modeling
Design Business

Smart IoT device development business
IoT device, wireless communication equipment, SMT, PCB design and artwork

SUNTECH CO., LTD. provides high-quality PCB design based on know-how and technology accumulated for several years. We can also develop customized a design through a circuit diagram, an equipment diagram, part specifications depending on the concept of a product requested and customer requirements.
We can also develop in many ways based on control algorithms of various IoT devices including wireless communication control and sensor control based on know-how in developing IoT devices, the main product of SUNTECH CO., LTD.
Circuit design, artwork, SMT, control algorithm
Electric and Electronic Business

Other Business
Material business, manufacturing/distribution, information and communication business

SUNTECH CO., LTD. carries out all processes from product planning to production by ourselves. We draw reasonable prices by cutting unnecessary distribution stages to sell honest products and make various attempts to be a supplier with pride by developing various products and improving quality.
We have an established process for manufacturing and distribution such as product production based on current main products and SMT production line.
Other business includes material and information and communication business.
Production, establishment, delivery
Other Industries

Management Philosophies



Global Management

Development and deployment of products appropriate for domestic and overseas localization Advancement to the world based on Korean traditional culture


Change Response Management

Quick response according to various social and technological changes


Professional Knowledge Management

Deployment of customer-oriented responsibility management through professional knowledge management by training experts based on professional knowledge in each field including management/technology/sales


Customer-oriented Management

Deployment of specialized impressive management based on customers with differentiation by applying to customer needs quickly

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